FullerCraft Construction

West Michigan Contractor and Builder for over 20 years.  Serving all of West Michigan for their builder needs.





We at FullerCraft Construction offer 20 years of hands on, in building of new homes, remodeling of bathrooms, remodeling kitchens, home restoration, 2nd story additions and much more in the construction industry.  With time tested award winning designs paying attention to details, quality, and cost of your construction needs.

Our projects include light Commercial, New homes, Additions, 2nd Story additions, bathroom, kitchens, basements, roofing, new home design and build, windows, home renovations, siding, painting, drywall, plaster, granite, counter tops, tile, cabinets, home improvement, home repair, builder, contractor, re-modeler, and all the way to handy man work.

Here at FullerCraft we can do it all and make it look easy!  We have won many builder awards in West Michigan through the West Michigan Home Builder's Association for our design and quality.  We can think outside the box as well as we offer our distribution license to other contractors in West Michigan, meaning, we buy direct, saving you additional cost. 

FullerCraft Inc. has contracts with many companies and factories to purchase our materials direct from the factories, this means, higher quality at lower prices.  We don't offer, unless requested, the big box store quality, that's seconds at a higher cost, who would want that?  We offer higher quality building materials at factory direct pricing.  And we sell products to other contractors, as our pricing for them is less than big box stores!

Are you a Contractor needing building supplies?  Give us a call!  We offer kitchen cabinets, sinks, tile, facets, granite and much more.  We have contracts with many factories and offer a wide range in many areas of construction.  Weather it's high end or just the everyday needs, we have you covered.  We are the only rep for West Michigan in many of our product lines.

Have an older home, need more room?  Second story additions are possible and actually cost less than regular additions at times. Here at FullerCraft construction we think outside of the box, to give you more for less.  Second story additions are a way to go for many families, this offers double the space, without having to invest in foundations and other things that can add up.  We have a proprietary way of doing a second story addition while not touching your first level, for the most part. 

Still need room?  We can add a main floor addition as well, and not have to rip out all the existing plumbing, electrical, walls, etc. which, again, is additional unneeded construction costs.  We at FullerCraft Inc. can draw your blue prints. 

Need a bigger kitchen?  We can remodel any size kitchen to your specifications.  We can do an addition to enlarge the space or simply redesign your existing kitchen to meet your needs.  Again, we buy our products direct, with this, we have many cabinet lines to choose from.  Currently, we have one cabinet line that is making it possible for many to remodel their kitchens when they didn't think it was possible.  We can add a little spice by buying Granite at low prices and sinks direct from the factories as well.  Kitchens are an investment for the entire family and are a great way to add value to your home with little cost.

Is your Bathroom 1950's Blue?  Well, we can take care of that!  Yes, we can remove your old cast iron tub without removing walls. Here at FullerCraft, we don't take advantage of our customers, we do things the right way.  We can remove your cast iron tub and remodel your bathroom with ease.  We have the capabilities of rewiring for heated fans, placement of vents and rearrangement of the entire bathroom if needed.  Want that spa style bathroom?  Give us a call, we have done it all, right up to a heated seat! 

Home and Hotel Construction is our passion.  We build dreams and remodel homes and hotels to code. We know how to build right to pass inspection and keep you safe.  This knowledge is not something you learn from a book, it's knowledge that is known from time in the field.  Sure, there are Builder's that study, and of course we do, but we know it and live it. We also go by the Builder's code of ethics.   We keep current on our builder's license and the laws regarding it. 

Before hiring a contractor be sure to check their license!  This is very important, as building permits are needed for most projects and if a builder asks the homeowner or tells the homeowner they have to pull their own permits, then this builder isn't the one for you.  They could be unlicensed and could do potential damage.

We are proud to be located on Gun Lake, which is between Grand Rapids, Michigan and Kalamazoo, Michigan and serve all of West Michigan, offering our services to Gun Lake, Payne Lake, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Kentwood, Wyoming, Caladonia, Cascade, Rockford, Portage, Plainwell, Hastings, Otsego, Holland, Wayland, Shelbyville and surrounding areas of West Michigan. 

Our sedicated crew works for you and within your building budget.  We offer free estimates and provide all services in house, so you don't have to worry about a thing.  We can take your concept and make it your dream home, office, hotel or building.  We have architects in place if needed and offer a wide range of services.   Don't know where to start?  Call FullerCraft Inc. and we'll start it all for you!